God of War Ragnarök's Free DLC Excites at The Game Awards

The gaming community ignited with excitement as the critically acclaimed 'God of War Ragnarök' announced the release of free downloadable content (DLC) during The Game Awards. God of War Ragnarök, developed by Santa Monica Studio, has been a massive hit amongst gamers and critics alike since its highly anticipated launch. This action-adventure game has woven a tale that expertly mixes Norse mythology with a deeply personal father-son story.

A Gift to the Fans

In a move applaudable for its consumer-friendliness, Santa Monica Studio declared that the DLC would be made available at no extra cost. This has been a refreshingly player-centric move in an industry where additional content often comes with a premium price tag. By offering free DLC, the studio not only rewards loyal fans but also incentivizes new players who might be considering diving into the realm of the Norse gods.

What to Expect from the DLC

While the details around the DLC were kept under wraps, the announcement teased gamers with the promise of fresh experiences in an already rich and expansive game world. Speculation among fans runs rampant, with talks of new quests, gear, and perhaps even insights into the fates of our beloved characters. Whatever the content, it's expected to enrich the journey of Kratos and his son Atreus.

Impact on the Gaming Industry

Santa Monica Studio's decision might set a precedent, potentially influencing how other developers and publishers approach post-launch content. With the industry often criticized for exploitative monetization practices, God of War Ragnarök’s free DLC shines as a beacon for how to sustainably deliver value to a game's community without additional costs.


The announcement of free DLC for God of War Ragnarök at The Game Awards has sent ripples of excitement through the gaming world. It represents a winning approach to player engagement and provides a model for the industry to follow. As players eagerly await the arrival of this new content, they can only speculate on what adventures await in the Nine Realms.

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