Elevating Hikes with 2023's Top Apple App: Better Than Strava?

Discovering the Great Outdoors with Apple's Hiking Gem

Recently, Apple crowned its best iPhone app of 2023—a title that's sparked interest amongst hiking enthusiasts and casual walkers alike. Amidst a sea of fitness tracking apps, this one stands out for its unique hike-enhancing capabilities. It's branded as a more hike-focused alternative to Strava, the app that's long been favored by cyclists and runners for its social features and comprehensive tracking.

I put this award-winning app to the test, taking my iPhone along for the journey on a series of hikes. From gentle strolls in the local park to more challenging terrain in the backcountry, I wanted to see if it truly delivered a better experience than its widely-known rival, Strava.

User Interface and Experience

From the get-go, the app impresses with a polished and user-friendly interface. Navigation through the app feels intuitive, making it easy to start recording a hike or to find previous outings. It's evident that design played a pivotal role in creating a seamless user experience.

Trail Discovery and Mapping

Unlike Strava, which is more generalist, this app specifically shines with its detailed trail maps and discovery features. It leverages the iPhone's advanced sensors to provide real-time data and trail recommendations, ensuring you stay on the right path and uncover hidden gems along the way.

Safety and Social Features

In the event of an unexpected turn, the app includes safety features to share your location with trusted contacts. While it doesn’t yet mimic Strava’s extensive social network, it's building a community with privacy and safety at its core, which might actually appeal to those who prefer a quieter, more solo hiking experience.

Battery Usage

Battery drain has often been a concern with fitness apps. Fortunately, this app runs efficiently, keeping your phone alive from the first step to the summit selfie. This efficiency doesn't seem to compromise the app's precision or functionality—a delicate balance well achieved.


After a thorough comparison, it's clear that while Strava remains an excellent tool for runners and cyclists, this new contender is better suited for those dedicated to the art of hiking. Its detailed mapping, intuitive design, and battery efficiency set the app apart, elevating it to deservedly win Apple's best iPhone app of the year. Whether you're venturing into the woods or scaling mountains, this app may just be the companion you need.

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